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European Bridges Consulting (EBC) Course Calendar ~ SPRING 2014


In the present LLP program, the last dead-line for the individual grant applications to the Comenius / Grundtvig Courses is 17.9.2013. The beginning of the course should be between 1.1.-30.4.2014.

The courses can be found from the EU Comenius / Grundtvig Database 


More information: Ulla Salomäki tel +358-50-3827997 email ulla.salomaki@europeanbridges.eu

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The Comenius / Grundtvig courses are funded with support from the European Commission.

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9.-15.2.2014,  Group Dynamics and Social Skills in the Classroom, Grottaferrata, Italy, (near Rome)

Course reference number: FI-2013-111-004



The aim of the course is to give experience on and basic information on group dynamics and social skills, give tools to observe group process and also how to create better school and classroom climate and to discuss how to use this knowledge in the classroom.

The course is organised in collaboration with EBC, Finland, Liceo Scientifico Bruno Tousco, Italy and assistants and experts coming from Finland, Italy and Belgium.

“The course was a perfect guide for me to use interactive methods in the classroom, to achieve the best results of bonding the group. There is no better way to discover the social skills. The course showed the subject through the best perspective.”
participant’s feedback.



23.2.-1.3.2014 The Follow-Up Course on Action Methods Increasing Motivation and

Quality in the Learning Environments, Tampere, Finland

Course reference number is FI-2013-114-003



During the course you will learn MORE and NEW active learning methods and also discuss the topic at the European level.



This course is only for those who have participated to the first Action Methods course.




20.-26.4.2014, Action Methods Improving Motivation and Quality in the Learning Enviroments, Lisbon, Portugal

Course reference number is FI-2013-108-006



During the course the participants will learn exercises and methods for active learning and also to create a positive climate to the classroom and also good group cohesion and safe atmosphere.
As an outcome, the participants have a plan how to improve the motivation and quality in learning environments.
The course is organised in collaboration with the EBC, A Par Portugal and the city of Setubal and experts and assistants coming from Finland, Greece and Portugal.

“I am a very intrinsically motivated person, very determined. However, the situation with education in my country sometimes makes me feel low-hearted. I really needed such a course to feel myself, find more external motivation and keep up the balance with my intrinsic motivation. And I got it!”

participant’s feedback.